Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

Unfortunately I have to use the term Snow Day loosely. It is more like a snow/sleet day. Not nearly as fun! The kids were so excited when they woke up and saw snow outside! The kids had their day planned of making snow angels and having a snowball fight. At their wake up time of 7:30am they did not understand why we could not run outside immediately and play. After making them wait until 10:00, and looking for the sixth boot that it took me forever to find--under the bed--, they headed outside.
There was barely enough snow to muster a snowball, but they did manage to make some snow angels and pelt snowballs at their mother. I only agreed to it if I was behind the door. They still really enjoyed it. They played and played for about 45 minutes to an hour and were then very cold and ready to come inside. I hope they get to partake in snow play again before the winter is out!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Emily's glasses

Since Emily was about 10 months old, we have noticed her left eye will cross from time to time. We brought this to the attention of our pediatrician and he said that it is something she may outgrow and not to worry about it until she turns 3. When she turned 2 we really stopped noticing it. Not sure if we were not as observant or if we were just not seeing things or what, but then when she turned 3 we started noticing it again. In bringing it to the attention of our pediatrician again, he referred us to a pediatric eye doctor in Charlottesville. Our appointment was yesterday. Dr. Carter was really great with her! Though I have been fortunate enough to never have visited an eye doctor he really seemed like he did a lot of different things since she is a small child. He showed her pictures, lights, animals . . . had her look though the eye machine, but while holding the "handle bars" of the "bike." She would not actually talk to him (a little shy), but answered his questions by nodding her head or pointing. She did a great job! He dilated her eyes and determined that she does have a small problem.

Emily is too farsighted. All children are farsighted, but Emily has to sometimes strain to see things that are close up. For a three year old, most of their day is spent with activities that are up close. Her eye crossing is actually her eye shutting down. Each time it crosses it shuts down and shuts down that part of her brain for that moment. He said her vision is good, but her eye needs aligning. If we do nothing, she could potentially go blind in that eye over several years.

As much as it broke my heart to think about having to put a three year old kid in glasses, we took her for her fitting when we returned from Charlottesville. She picked out her pink frames (pink at the ear piece) and they came with a little princess glasses case. It looks like a little purse and Emily refers to it as her suitcase:). She has not tried to take them off and she says she can see things better. We have made a very big deal about her new glasses! She looks very pretty in them and is so proud of them. We are a little concerned of jealousy with Lydia not needing glasses, but so far Lydia will put her sunglasses on and tell us she can see things better too:).

A day with Adella

Now that I figured out how to remove the pictures from my phone, I am able to blog about some of the pictures that have been on the phone since before Christmas. Before Christmas Mike, the kids and I went over to Paul and Allison's place in Charlottesville to watch Adella while Paul and Allison went house shopping. We took the kids to the "madhouse" pre-christmas shopping at Toys R Us where we ran into Jeffery the Giraffe. As he was coming up the aisle, the kids were all quite excited about seeing him, but as soon as they were faced with actually having to talk to him, they all began to freak out. Lydia was brave enough to actually walk over to talk to him, but at the last minute began to cry so we quickly removed her. (in the picture she and Mike are off to the left--the next picture we took she was starting to cry).

After our closterphobic shopping experience, we had lunch at the Wood Grill. The Wood Grill is a good place for us to go for the money. Ryan costs only $2.00 and Lydia, Emily and Adella were free. Get everyone some water and we can all eat pretty cheap. Because Paul and Allison are a little more conscious about their child eating healthy foods--and not too much of it--this was Adella's first visit to the Wood Grill. She REALLY enjoyed herself and ate a pile of food!! We had such a good time with her!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Growing up

Ryan is learning so much in Kindergarten! He loves going to school and could not wait to go back after winter break. Last semester Ms. Clark, Ryan's teacher, did a unit on nursery rhymes and what lessons they teach. On Thursday Ms. Clark invited all the parents to a nursery rhyme recital and lunch with our kids. Mike and I were able to eat lunch with Ryan and then head to his class for the recital. All of the children were assigned a nursery rhyme and a nursery rhyme fact. They stood up in front of all the parents and recited their fact and nursery rhyme. Ryan's assigned nursery rhyme was Humpty Dumpty. His fact was "Nursery Rhymes are silly." All the kids did such a great job! Out of the 18 children in Ms. Clarks class, only two of them had an issue when they came up to recite their part--and Ryan was NOT one of them!!! In addition, as a class, they sang some songs and did a couple little skits.

The pictures I have attached are not that good . . . we failed to bring our camera and the pictures were taken with our phones. Ryan really wanted us to take a movie of him to put on the blog page. The movie I have posted was also taken on our phone and the volume is pretty much non-existant. When you play it, make sure the volume is turned all the way up on your computer. Getting up in front of people he does not know is not his idea of fun:). We are very proud of him!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good Luck Cory!

Originally scheduled to leave on Sunday, January 25; his leave date was bumped up to tomorrow--Sunday, January 11--he is leaving for boot camp. After catching my sister-in-law and brother-in-law off guard, they had a little going away party for Cory tonight at their house. Friends and family came to wish Cory farewell and the best of luck becoming a Marine. Cory is our nephew--the oldest son of Mike's older sister, Debbie. Cory just turned 20 in December. Mike spent much of the evening answering questions and sharing stories from his experience as a Marine. The five of us took pictures with Cory before we left. It was a fun time.

I have known Cory since he was 9 years old. He is a very special person in our lives. He is always very thoughtful, especially when it comes to his much younger cousins--Ryan, Lydia and Emily. We love you lots, Cory, and know you will make a very honorable Marine!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dinner with Ryan

Tonight was such a neat night. I came home from work not knowing what we were doing for dinner (not that unusual for me). Mike was not feeling the greatest and did not want to eat anything major and Ryan wanted to go out to eat at Hams. Mike ended up taking Lydia and Emily to McDonalds and Ryan and I went to Hams for dinner--just us. For those of you who don't live in Harrisonburg, Hams is a sports bar and restaurant. The restaurant portion of Hams is a Ruby Tuesdays type restaurant, but with LOTS of televisions around to watch the game. On Monday nights they have kids night. On kids night they have their kids meals for 99 cents. Their kids meals consist of the meal, a drink and an ice cream sunday and their TV's don't have sporting events (well a couple of them have a game on) they have cartoons! In addition, they have a magician there who makes balloon animals for the kids. We go there on Monday nights because it is so inexpensive for us to eat there:). Lydia and Emily love it too, but they are happy going to McDonalds with Daddy too.
This was such a nice dinner. Ryan and I hardly ever spend any time just us. It is usually Mommy with Ryan, Lydia and Emily and sometimes Mommy and Daddy with Ryan, Lydia and Emily. I take Lydia and Emily to work with me too so I spend right much time with just the two of them. Ryan told me all about his first day back at school from winter break and the exciting things they did--including sharing one item they received for Christmas. Of course there was the constant barrage of questions that come with Ryan not having to compete with his sisters, but it was worth it. We walked away not only having spent some great quality time together, but a balloon dog on a leash and a balloon cat to boot:).