Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Opening Day . . . FINALLY!!!! and Opening Night

After Ryan's T-ball Opening Day game was rained out, the next game was their "game off" day, we began to think Ryan would not get to play any of his t-ball games! Tonight was the "Hoppers" first game.

Iwent into this t-ball thing thinking there would always be a "t" at homeplate. The ball would be placed on the "t" and the child would hit the ball. This is not the case. Each player gets three pitches/tries to hit the ball and if they are not successful, they are then given the "t." Ryan's first at bat . . . 1st pitch strike, 2nd pitch strike, 3rd pitch . . . he hit the ball!! Since he was the last batter of the inning he ran around all the bases. Fielding by 4, 5 & 6 year olds is really not the greatest :). The coach usually stops the player at 1st until the last batter of the inning. In my world . . . he hit a homerun the first time he walked to the plate . . . and without a "t!" We were quite proud! Since Mike is one of the Assistant Coaches, he was the pitcher tonight so the hit was pretty exciting for him!

McGaheysville Elementary School's Pre-k, Kindergarten and 1st grade classes preformed in a musical program tonight at the school. We were instructed to have our child dressed (in their finest "farm clothes") and in their classroom at 6:40 tonight. Ryan's t-ball game was not supposed to be over until 7:00. First game of the season, and we miss the end of it. Ryan quickly changed clothes in the van, we cleaned him off, hoped that the sweat would not go through his plaid shirt, and went into the school. The program was so cute!! Each classroom went up on stage and sang a selected song. It was great!! I am including a movie of Ryan's classroom performance. He did not seem to sing very loud, but does the motions quite well!! We are very proud of our little guy! He is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I will take 18 pancakes please!!

From the point Ryan could communicate what he wanted, he has been obsessed with pull behind trailers. "Truck and trail" is what he would call them when he first started talking. Even in his potty training days we purchased a "truck and trail" for him as an incentive to "poopie in the potty :)."

We got home from church today and Ryan asked if he could ride his bike. He took the string that is on the handle of the wagon and hooked it to his bicycle seat and began pulling his "trailer" around with his bike. He invited Lydia and Emily to get in his trailer and he did the best he could to pull them around. They ended up being a little heavier than he thought.

The picture of Ryan yelling into the neighbor's mailbox . . . he is ordering breakfast for himself and for his sisters and is yelling "I will take 18 pancakes please!" Clearly we get fast food WAY too much!!!

Frances the Ballerina

Last night, my co-worker Rabia, invited us to attend her daughter Frances's ballet recital. Frances is 5 years old and goes to our center. Lydia and Emily see her there everyday and when Ryan went there he and Frances were in the same preschool class so all my kids know and love Frances. They were so excited about seeing Frances dance! Emily was soaked into the entire recital from the start! Lydia has informed us that she would like to dance and look beautiful too. In the picture, Frances is kind of in the center of the picture . . . third from the left. We had such a great time!! Thank you for the invite Rabia!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

2 Marines and counting

In a post on January 10, 2009, I blogged about my nephew's (Mike's sisters's oldest child) going away party the night before he left for boot camp (If you click on "Cory Ours" under my labels you can see it). Cory graduated last week and is officially a Private, First Class (PFC) in the United States Marine Corps. Last night was a welcome home party for Cory. His parents (pictured--but I could not get a good one of them) hosted a potluck dinner and invited close friends and family. Cory was dressed in one of his uniforms and looked like a completely different person than when he left. Mike and I are very proud of him--especially Mike--Mike is not only a proud Uncle, but one who was a Marine himself several years ago and knows what Cory has accomplished. We were not able to stay too late since it was a school night for the kids, but before we left we got a family picture with Cory so we have a before and after shot. Of course we can't EVER have a nice picture with all of the family. I am not sure why, but Lydia had to cry :). Congratulations Cory!! We are so proud of you and we know that your decision to be a Marine representing the United States of America was a good one! We know you will do great things!!! We love you!

Mike and my Dad were both Marines and I have always been very proud of both of them! The last picture is of Mike, in 1996, just prior to his graduation from Marine Boot Camp.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


After waking up and seeing what the Easter Bunny brought us, we started our beautiful Easter Sunday by going to church for their Easter service. After church we met up with Mike (after he slept a little bit after working the night before) and headed to my parents house for Easter lunch and an egg hunt with Cousin Adella. After a yummy lunch the kids headed out for their Egg Hunt. My brother, Paul, his wife Allison and their daughter, Adella celebrated with us. Afterwards, we headed over to Nanny and Paps to celebrate Easter with them and see what the Easter Bunny left for the kids at Nanny's house. Finally, when we arrived home, Grandma Washington stopped by to bring the kids some Easter goodies. It was a lovely Easter day!! Jesus is good!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Eve

I trust everyone had a super Easter!! We did! Crazy busy, but so nice! The only downfall was Mike had to work over the weekend. His floater day was on Easter Sunday so after sleeping a little bit, he was able to join us that day. On Saturday, the kids and I met up with my parents, piled in our van, and headed for my brother's house in Charlottesville. My parents went to a memorial service that morning while Paul, Allison and Adella (my brother and his family) joined the kids and me at an egg hunt at Charlottesville High School. There were a few activities to do in addition to the hunt and they all came home with balloons. All four kids had a nice time.

We then returned to Paul and Allison's house to eat our packed lunches, wait for mom and dad to return with my dad's cousins, Martha, John and Linda and then headed out to visit my Grandma Leftwich in Bedford Virginia. While visiting her, we were able to see my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tim as well. My Grandma Leftwich has Alzhimers so visits are difficult since she really has no idea who many of us are. I think she still knows my dad and my Aunt Kathy, but from day to day you really never know if she even knows them. She has not known me for many years.
After our Bedford visit, we headed for Lynchburg Virginia where my Grandma Parker lives. After visiting at her "home" for a little while, we took her out to dinner at Golden Corral in Lynchburg ("G's Golden Corral" as the kids called it). After returning her to her room we left Lynchburg and headed for home. While visiting both Grandmothers we took our usual pictures. Can I tell you how difficult it is to get four kids, ages 5, 3, 3 and 2 to all look at the camera and smile all the while telling Grandma to look at the camera:). The best picture we had of the kids . . . all were smiling . . . all looked natural and happy . . . Grandma was talking in the photo. Oh well.

We returned to our house at 10:30 and the kids were passed out from about Madison Heights on. It was such a great, fun day; but a VERY long day!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

One of many!

This Easter we had our share of egg hunts! All together Ryan, Lydia and Emily participated in 5 egg hunts. We have decided to open a shop and sell candy to make a little extra cash:). Their candy stash is a little out of hand and of course it has taken all the will power I can muster to keep from eating ALL of it!!

Another one of our Spring Break activities at our center included an egg hunt. Each child at our center brought in 10 plastic eggs, filled with candy, stickers, toys, etc. One of my "mothers" and one of our center's older school-ager hid the eggs in our centers playground and the field beside the playground. Each age group had a little head start on the age group older. It worked out really well and in the end all of the kids ended up with an equal number of eggs. We hid roughly 325 eggs. It was such a great event! I love this job!!:)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Skating at Skatetown . . . oh no wait a minute . . . Funky's

The week of Spring Break, our center had a lot of extra kids that are normally attending public schools, but their parents needed care for them during the spring break week. Ryan was included in this total. This more than doubled the size of Ms. Rabia's class for the week. As a result, she decided to do some fun stuff for the kids on a couple of the days. Funky's Skate Zone hosted a Christian skate on Tuesday of that week. Funky's is a roller skating rink in Harrisonburg. When I was a kid, it was called Skatetown and I have a hard time calling anything other than that. With our center being a faith based center, this Christian Skate was a great idea! Each child brought a dollar for their skate rental and packed their lunch for the day. With the whole teaching kids thing I do during the day, I was not able to go on the fieldtrip, but managed to steal some pictures from Rabia of Ryan having the best time!! He continues to ask, regularly, "Can we go skating today/tomorrow?" He loved it!! I love the picture of him hiking his pants up. I can only imagine he and Caleb are saying "Man these are old skates!!!"--I think I wore the exact same ones when I skated there as a kid:)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today was such a great day! My co-worker, Treasa (Lydia and Emily's preschool teacher), and I have been doing a nutrition unit with our preschool students and decided to take the kids to a grocery store to tie everything together. One of our "mothers" is the deli manager at the Food Lion just down the street from our center. She agreed to give our kids a tour of the store. This was something so neat for the kids as well as Treasa and myself. Ms. Sarah (our "mother") gave each of the kids a nametag upon arrival and a hairnet to allow them to go into the deli. In the deli, they met Mr. Tom who gave each of them a piece of American Cheese. We then went through the dairy department and into the back room where we went inside a storage refrigerator and freezer and saw the box bailer bail some boxes. Then, it was on to the meat department and to produce. In the produce department back room we were able to go into the produce cooler and see some different fruits and vegetables. We finished off the tour by spraying off the produce on the produce department floor area with the hose--each child got to spray a little bit. We said our thank you and good-bye to everyone as each child received a Food Lion bag filled with crayons, pencil, balloon, color page and a banana. It was such a neat day for all of us! I had a particular attachement to this fieldtrip because I worked at this Food Lion when I was in High School and College. They have had a huge renovation since I worked there, but for as many things as I saw changed, that many were the same. Thank you so much Sarah and the staff at Food Lion!