Saturday, September 19, 2009

1st Day of the Season

Today was the opening day for Ryan's flag football league. There was an opening ceremony

before the game started. All the members of the different teams, and their coaches were introduced by the Head Coach for the Spotswood High School (Ryan's school's high school) football Trailblazers. He talked to the kids about making good grades and paying attention to your coaches. It was a nice little ceremony. All 6 teams played their games after the ceremonies were over. Ryan is on the Packers team and they played the Cowboys team today. The kids are 6, 7 and 8 years old so they are just out there having fun, but I have to say the parents of football players are VERY different than the parents of t-ball players!!! Lots of them seem to be living vicariously through their children. They get angry over really stupid stuff! Should be an interesting season--if we make it :)!

Ryan's fans :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Football Season

After Ryan had such a great time playing t-ball this past spring, he decided he wanted to play flag football this fall with a little boy from his class. By the time we found out his friend, Kemper was playing, it was too late for them to be on the same team. He ended up on a team where he does know two of the kids, but they are both in the 2nd grade at his school instead of the 1st grade. He is the youngest and the smallest kid on the team and we are beginning to wonder if we made a mistake, but he is really enjoying it. Games are starting this Saturday and he gets his jersey on Thursday. I will post some more pictures when I take some of him wearing the jersey. I am posting his schedule so if you are in Elkton and want to head over to the ball fields at the park (park is behind the elementary school and the ball fields are down from where Mick or Mack used to be, but I don't know the name of the park) to watch a game--we'd love it!

Sept 19 10:00 am--this is opening day and we have to be there at 8:30 for the ceremony that will be held on Saturday

Sept 24 6:00 pm

Sept 26 10:00 am
Oct 1 7:00 pm
Oct 3 9:00 am
Oct 5 6:00 pm
Oct 10 11:00 am
Oct 15 7:00 pm
Oct 19 6:00 pm
Oct 24 9:00 am
Oct 29 6:00 pm
Oct 31 9:00 am

Monday, September 7, 2009

The day after . . .

Yesterday our close family and friends came over to help celebrate Ryan's 6th birthday and Lydia and Emily's 4th birthday. It was a great time!! The kids LOVED everything they received, but the girls each received a tea set to have tea parties. They had so much fun this morning serving tea to me and to each other. They dressed up in their princess dress up clothes and set up their table, combining both tea sets. Ryan even came over for a minute to sample some tea, but was quickly finished and did not want to hang around the pink tea setting for too long. Ryan spent most of the morning building a helicoptor, robot, and go kart with his erector set that he received. I just love these pictures!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Another year has passed and the kids are 6, 4 and 4. Can't believe it! Where does the time go? Why does this mean I have to get older too? :) We had their traditional group party/cookout the Sunday before Labor Day. Very fun, as always! We have not been brave enough to host a party with the kids friends, but think we may try that next year. As always, the kids received some TERRIFIC presents and we so appreciated all the friends and family that came! Lydia and Emily had the hardest time understanding the following Wednesday that THAT day was their actual birthday. They were certain that their birthday was the day of the party :). Ryan and the girls took Rice Krispie Treats in to school for their "school party." It is always such a great time for them! Check out our pictures.