Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our First Sleepover

This past weekend our niece, Adella, spent the weekend with us. The kids were so excited about Adella spending the weekend with us! Adella was waiting at the bus stop when Ryan, Lydia and Emily got off the bus on Friday. Very exciting! Lydia was so excited that she forgot to get her backpack as she came off the bus. Luckily, Emily saw that she had left it behind and picked it up on her way off. :)

Adella spent Friday night at our house, Saturday all day and night and went to church with us Sunday morning. It was a great weekend!

Here are the kids eating lunch on Saturday Playing in the backyard They decided they wanted to watch a movie on Saturday night. I made some dinner and then let them eat their dinner at the coffee table while they were watching the movie. They loved it!!Taking fun group pictures in the backyard. It was starting to get dark.Everyone asleep in Lydia and Emily's room. I blew up the air mattress to make a really big bed for everyone. They loved it!!Everyone dressed for church Sunday morning.