Sunday, February 21, 2010

What an adventure!!

Yesterday Mike and I took the kids to the Rockingham County Fairgrounds. Mike won tickets from the radio to the Big Game Show they were hosting there. The kids were free so our admission was cost free. The main purpose of the show was for hunters and outdoor people, but our reason for going was the fact that the monster truck, Virginia Giant, was there giving free rides. Ever since taking him to a monster truck show last summer, Ryan has been a HUGE fan of the monster trucks. He was quite excited about it!

After getting our van stuck in the out of control mud, in the grassy, melting snow plowed parking area (there were two tractors there pulling people out of the mess),
Mike and the kids got on the Virginia Giant truck. The ride was pretty quick, but they LOVED it!!!

Once they finished their ride, we went inside to the Game Show. They had some baby bear cubs, a wolf, mountain lion and tiger cubs too. The kids enjoyed watching the bears. They were playing, but the other cubs were just resting.

We went by the new Transformers edition Camaro, that was on display, it looks like Bumblebee from the movie. Ryan was in complete awe! He kept talking about how if Bumblebee transformed he would be so tall and would poke a hole in the roof. He kept asking about it transforming and notified us that he wanted to have this car. :) We think he thinks it WAS Bumblebee. :) After getting balloon animals, we headed home. What a fun day!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have Ziplock Power!!

Today, at our center, we served the kids bagged lunches instead of the normal lunch on a plate. They were all so excited with the change!! Many of the older kids were excited to have "chips instead of vegetables!" My two year old class was so excited! In their lunch bags they had a sandwich, chips and apple slices. So much excitement!!

I required the kids in my class to eat their sandwich before they were allowed to eat a lot of their chips. After I had helped one little guy in my class open all his bags 'o lunch, he began munching on the chips. His sandwich was just sitting there and I told him to eat his sandwich. When he didn't I zipped his ziplock bag of chips shut, telling him he could not have anymore until he ate some sandwich (I really am mean!! :)). As a result, he tried and tried to open that bag and could not do it. So, he began to cry. As a last resort, he gave up and ate his sandwich, to which I rewarded him by opening his chip bag again. It was too funny!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Enough Already!!!

Snow arrived in Rockingham County again today :(! Really ready for spring!! On the upside,
Mike was finally home during snow for the first time today! He has been working each time and the kids have been wanting him to play outside with them as well as I have been wanting help shoveling the snow! :) We all went out today and made a snowman and had some snowball fights and did some sleigh riding.
Before the snow really started sticking to the roads, we went up to see the skiiers in Massanutten and took some pictures of the snow around the area.

Watching the skiiers