Friday, April 16, 2010

Our First Carnival

Let me start this post by saying that I took these pictures with my phone. They are not very good!!
The kid's school had a really fun carnival tonight. Each grade had a booth with a specific activity/game where you would present a ticket, that you purchased, to play the game and win a prize. Also, with your tickets, there were a few fun "rides" outside. Ryan wanted to climb the rock climbing wall. As soon as we got there, we got in line to climb the rock wall. Lydia wanted to climb as well, but I told her she had to be 6 to climb. Ryan climbed twice, but once he got up there he could not figure out how to get down :). The spotter guy had to help him. He loved it though!! Quite a rush for him!

We participated in the cake walk. We figured with Kara, Lynnea, Emily, Lydia and myself walking that one of us would CERTAINLY win a cake . . . nope, not one of us!! The picture of Lydia . . . she is waiting to start the cake walk. Kara and Olivia are to her left.

They also had a really great bounce house. Emily LOVED this one!! Ryan and Lydia also got in, but Lydia got out quickly. She is not real big on not feeling stable. I figured Emily would be close behind, but she was having such a great time! She had to take off her glasses to go, but she bounced and bounced and slid down the slide that was attached to it. She kept saying "the slide is so fast!" They had a great time!!

Following the carnival, there was a live auction. There was a silent auction during the carnival, which had items for kids to bid on. Ryan and Emily each got the items they bid on. Each classroom had one of these beautiful pieces of art. Each child had their fingerprint and their name on it. The art teacher made these with the different classes. Some of these things went for $100! Lydia and Emily's class's watering can was the first to come up for bidding. We decided on a limit and started bidding. We were bidding aganist a Grandfather who was determined to get that watering can. We stopped bidding and did not end up getting that one. Ryan's class's came up to bid and we were competing aganist one other parent and ended up getting his for $35. We were pretty excited, but sad that we did not have one for the girls. It was a fun auction and fun time!! I am anxious to know how much money the school made. The kids came home and passed out and now I am going to go do the same!!