Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Leftwich Family meets Penmerryl Farm

One of my favorite past-times is to listen to my Dad and his sisters and cousins talk about memories of their childhood. They remember times with their grandparents and each other so fondly. My hopes are that one day my kids will be able to hear my my cousins, brother and me reminisce the same way.

My Grandfather was from a family of 5 boys and 1 girl. Family reunions and homecomings were summer festivities when I was a child. As my Granddaddy's generation began passing away, these reunions stopped. 6 years ago, our family started having them again. Now, my Granddaddy's grandchildren have had children and the family is continuing to grow.

This past weekend marked our third reunion since the reunions started again. Instead of the normal afternoon event, we hosted a weekend getaway reunion. It was phenomenal! At Penmerryl Farm in Greenville, VA there are cabins, a lodge, nice sitting room/kitchen, swimming pool, spa, game room "saloon", fishing lake, bike trails, tennis courts and more! There were so many things for everyone to do and enjoy as well as plenty of opportunity to sit and visit with family! Very relaxing!!!
My Dad's sisters and their families were there along with us (my dad's family). Three of my dad's cousins were there and two of my 2nd cousins and their family were there. 46 total! It was great! Sadly, due to a 3 hour emergency room trip, Mike, Ryan and I missed the big reunion lunch. The main part of the reunion!!! I had to eat one of those yummy hot dogs . . . warmed up in the microwave. They were so good warmed up, that I can't imagine how amazing they would have been hot off the grill!!

I am posting a few pictures. The first one is all of us. Aren't we handsome?! I love you all!! (Even you yellow corn and purple corn people!) We will definitely reunion there again!! **you should be able to click on these pictures and make them bigger.

Friday, June 4, 2010

We made it!!

Lydia and Emily are officially Kindergartners! Their teachers, Ms. Warner and Ms. Wilder, put together an adorable Pre-K end of the year celebration. The students filed in, introduced themselves, sang songs, recited memorized nursery rhymes and accepted their certificate of completion of Pre-K. Afterwards, there was an ice cream social and a special cake for the students. It was such a cute celebration for the kids!! . . . . and the parents!

The "Graduates"

This was such a cute song. They sang the ABC's to a pop tune. They held their guitars and wore their sunglasses while singing. It was so cute!! Lydia and Emily are in the middle row. Emily is all the way to the left and Lydia is behind the little girl in the orange dress.
Emily jammin
Lydia "shades" Washington

Their hats were made in class. They each have their own tassel with 2010 on it. These were made on one of the days my mother was volunteering in their class (my mom and I both volunteer in there. It is so much fun!!) and she helped to make them.
Lydia and Mia reciting their nursery rhyme


The girls and me

Lydia, Oliver and Emily. Oliver is a friend of ours from Freedom Baptist Day School (the center where I work and where they all went from 2 years old until coming to the

Pre-K program at McGaheysville Elementary).

Lydia, Emily and Autumn

Ms. Flanery was a student teacher in the Pre-K class at the beginning of the year and helped out a lot throughout the remainder of the year. She is such a sweet girl and Lydia and Emily love her!!

Ms. Warner is Lydia and Emily's teacher. She is so fantastic!! They have learned more from her than I could have ever thought possible! They absolutely love "Pre-K" (they never refer to school as school. It is always "Pre-K") and I know they will miss her! I only hope their teachers next year are half as wonderful as Ms. Warner!! :)

Ms. Wilder is the Teaching Assistant in the classroom. Ms. Wilder works very hard to help Ms. Warner teach the children. She takes care of prepping all the projects, getting items together for lessons, and just generally being Ms. Warner's "right hand man." They make such a great team! We will miss them all!!!

The movie at the bottom is of Emily, Lilly and Kasey reciting their nursery rhyme.

This was such a super day and a super program!! Each child received a photo album containing pictures of them from throughout the year as well as a cd collection of pictures from the year. What a fantastic experience this program and year has been!!