Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monster Jam!

 Mike won tickets, off of the radio, to see the Monster Jam at the Verizon Center in DC this past Friday.  Mike is really good at winning tickets!  Ryan is into Monster Trucks after his trip to Expoland last summer!  After debating on whether or not to take Lydia and Emily with us or just Mike and Ryan go, we decided to make it a family event and I am glad we did!!

We rode the metro to the Verizon Center and got there a little early so we went to the bathroom at the Marriot and took the kids down to Dunkin Donuts before going in.  This was kind of cool . . . Make as much of an adventure as you can :) 

As a result of winning our tickets, we sat in the nosebleed section.  That was ok though because we saw some people we know who had also won tickets the same way we did.  This was much louder than Expoland was since everything was inside.  We expected that and took earplugs.  Lydia and Emily still thought it was too loud even with their earplugs.

Funniest part of the whole trip . . . as we were riding in on the Metro, Lydia noticed the "not allowed" signs in the car.  She was noticing that you can't have food, pets, etc.  She pointed to each one and said "no smoking." "no littering," "no food," "no juice boxes," "no pets."  I just about died . . . "no juice boxes."  Evidently the Dangerous or Flammable Items symbol looks like a juice box.  :)  Too funny!!  Fun day!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Well, here we are at Day 2.  Out of school because of snow, snow, snow.  Yesterday it snowed here from about noon until about 10:00 last night and we ended up with about 8 inches or so.  "Mommy, the driveway and our yard is as white as a ghost!" exclaimed Lydia this morning.  She seemed to be surprised that the snow was still here this morning.  Actually, I am not really sure if she and Emily were surprised it was still here or that there was more of it since they came inside, from playing in it, last night. 

It is pretty the way it lays on the trees and when the huge flakes are falling to the ground, but I still hate it!  It completely delays your life.  I suppose I should not complain too much.  Last year at this time, we had around 18 inches!  Multiple times!  Alas, the two days in which the snow is here, and needs shoveling . . . Mike is working.  Just like last year, I will shovel again.  It is supposed to be a balmy 39 degrees today and the sun is shining . . . sort of.  I am going to wait until after lunch and head on out and see what kind of dent I can make in the driveway.  I am seriously considering that move to sunny California!  I would go to Florida, but you can't breathe in the June, July or August so I figure snow, 3 or 4 times in a winter is better than 12 weeks of not being able to catch my breath. 

This is my first snow season working in a public school.  I have never seen so many people get so excited about the possibility of snowfall and a day off!  They actually email each other weather forecasts!  :)  Lots and lots of them!!  My mom, who taught for 35 years, never got that excited about snow days.  She would rather have been off in the summer than have to go extra days to make up snow days.  Clearly, not everyone is like that :).  Make up days are now set aside during the year so you don't mess up graduation.  I imagine that makes things a little better unless you get too many snow days. 

This past Tuesday, Emily said the Pledge of Allegiance at school!  She said it during morning announcements and was over the PA system so the entire school heard her!!  So great!!  This privilege came as a result of trading in her Lion Paws for this "prize."  The kids get Lion Paws as an incentive to make the best choices they can.  Once you receive 10 Lion Paws (in Kindergarten anyway) you trade them in for different things.  You can go read to another class (Ryan and Emily have both done this), you can have lunch with the Principal, you can get a book, say the Pledge of Allegiance with the morning announcements, teacher for the day, etc.  Some rewards require more Lion Paws than 10.  You must learn to save yours up.  Mike and I are so proud of her for picking this reward, saving her Lion Paws, and having the courage to speak to everyone!!  On the microphone!!  Ryan said she was the best 5 year old he had ever heard!  A compliment like this, coming from Ryan . . . about one of his sisters . . . is pretty rare!  Lydia said she heard her too and so did the little boy (3rd grade) who lives in our cul-de-sac.  I wish I had a movie or a tape of it or something.  I did not know she was doing it until she came home that night and told me.  She mentioned it when she chose that reward, but she did not know when she was going to be doing it.  Anyway, pretty exciting!!

Well, hoping Groundhog Day brings good news in a few days!  I hope Spring is early this year!!  :)  I just have to keep telling myself . . . it's not as bad as last year.  So far. ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am a slacker!

Gosh, now that I don't have a job with a "naptime" of two hours, I am really slacking on this blogging thing.  Christmas was great!  We got together with my family, but we are waiting until spring to get together with Mike's family.  Seems to be a better time for them to get together and have their family Christmas. 

My f'ree time has been taken by being part of my high school class reunion committee.  Sad thing . . . it is our 20 year class reunion.  I can't believe we have been out of high school for 20 years!  It seems like just yesterday I was in school and working at Food Lion to pay for my car, gas and insurance.  A much simpler time for me :).  However, not as great as my life is now!!  I can't believe how difficult it has been to find these people that went to my high school.  Each committee member was assigned a list of people to find and inform of the events.  I thought "Wow!  This should be pretty easy!"  Not the case!  Several people I am friends with on Facebook and several people I was able to find on Facebook even though we are not "friends."  They were pretty easy, but then there is this whole group of people who don't do the Facebook thing or at least I can't find them there.  It has been really much harder than I thought it would be.

In addition, I am planning our trip to Disney World this spring.  I am so excited!!  I can't wait to go!!  We have scheduled to do the breakfast at Cinderella's castle which will cost my family of 5 . . . $213.00 to eat there.  $213.00!!!  I have been assured that it is completely worth this much money.  I hope so!!  Actually, I am pretty excited about it.  We apparently get our picture taken with the princesses and that is not an additional cost.  Ryan is not too excited about taking this picture, but I have told him we will find other people that he will like to see and that I need for him to take this picture with us.  :)  We are hoping, however, that we will have enough money left over to get back home ;)