Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dancing the night away!

This past weekend was Lydia and Emily's first dance recital.  They had so much fun!!  Lydia LOVES being on stage and asked several times how many people would be watching her :).  For their outfits, their dance instructor opted to not purchase tu-tus, but to have all the girls wear a "character" outfit that they had.  There were flappers, butterflies, flowers, fairies, and even a Wonder Woman (Emily).  This was for their dance "13 in the Bed" for the "Alice in Storybook Land" recital.  It was a really cute dance!  They are ready for a dance break this summer and start dance again in the fall.

Waiting for rehersal to start

Grammy and Paw Paw came to see us.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Paver Presents

Emily's paver
 For the kid's teacher's gifts, we decided to make little homemade paver stepping stones for their gardens/flowerbeds.  We collected some river rocks and purchased some "gems" from the dollar store.  The kids practiced and then transferred their designs to their teacher's paver.  They had a lot of fun, but were sad that we have to wait until they dry before we are able to see how they look :).  Will add a final product picture when we take 'em.
Lydia's paver

Ryan making his paver.  Grammy helping us out.

Strawberry picking

Kids riding the wagon/tractor that took us to the "lower patch"
Yesterday we decided to go strawberry picking.  We went to a local strawberry farm, picked out our basket/boxes and jumped on the wagon to head out.  It had been raining the night before, but I had NO IDEA it would be as muddy as it was.  The mud was so bad that Emily and I had to take off our shoes and walk barefooted!  The kids did not like it at first and I thought this would not only be our first time picking strawberries, but also our last.  As we reached the upper area of the patch, the mud was not as bad.  This made the picking more enjoyable.  We picked 18 pounds of strawberries.  Did not realize we were picking that many :).  We have made strawberry jam, strawberry Popsicles, smoothies and sugar covered--in just two days :).  It ended up being quite fun and I think we will be back next year!

Emily and Lydia eating on the job.  Ryan is the little guy bent over in the back of the photo.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Favorite Pasttime

This spring Lydia and Emily started playing T-ball.  They LOVED it!!  They have been watching Ryan play ball for 3 years now and were ready for their turn.  They played on the Orioles team for the McGaheysville Baseball League.  Their coach was a friend of ours and they had some school friends on their team.  They are both quite good!! 

Ryan started Farm League this year.  Mike was his coach again this year.  That was great too!  He loves that Daddy coaches his team.  He is growing so much and hits really well!  I can see a homerun hero in the making!!  Once his coodination is completely there--that's all he's gonna hit!