Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time goes on

My goodness!  I used to be so diligent in doing blog posts, posting pictures, etc.  Ever since I stopped working at the Preschool and stopped with the 2 hour naptime, I have had a hard time fitting in the time to do these!  I enjoy them so much, but have such a hard time keeping up.

Since my last post, IN JULY, we have been doing many things!  We started school again, Ryan in the 3rd grade, Lydia and Emily in 1st.  The kids had their birthdays in September.  Ryan turned 8 and Lydia and Emily turned 6.  Ryan played soccer this fall.  New league and a great coach this time around!!  The girls have enjoyed gymnastics, but are on a break until winter break is over.  Ryan has started boy scouts, but I am not sure if we will stick with it or not . . . Long story.  We celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving.  These are such fun holidays for me!  Thanksgiving is such a great extended family time and Halloween is the greatest!  What other time of year do you get to dress up and pretend to be someone you are not!?  It is fantastic!

We took the kids to DC for our annual "spring trip," but we took it in the fall.  We took them to Arlington National Cemetary, saw the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, Kenndy's final resting place and toured the grounds.  In addition, we walked from Arlington Virginia into DC by crossing the Potomac.  This was really neat!  We visited the Lincoln Memorial, took our picture and walked back to Virginia.  We wanted to go into the Washington Monument, but it was closed for repairs and the reflecting pool is also being refurbished.  No reflection at all!!

On a sad note, Arvetta, my "adopted Grandmother" passed away.  She was 103 years old and lived an amazing life!  She told me years ago, after she had already outlived her husband, siblings, some nieces and nephews, that she was ready to go.  I had such a hard time hearing that at the time, but knowing that made her passing something I was so much more at peace with than I believe I would have been otherwise.  She was a wonderful, smart lady and will be sadly missed!  But, I know she is finally with her family again!! I would like to post a picture of Arvetta, but can't seem to find a recent one.  Stay tuned.

I can't believe 2012 is almost here!  I believe the years go faster and faster with each passing one.  I am wondering if that is an age thing :).  I hope all of you are well!  I am hoping to be more frequent, in the coming months, in my blogging!