Saturday, February 25, 2012

Movie Night

L to R:  Ryan, Henry, Emily, Frances, and Lydia.  Benjamin in the back.
This past Friday Rabia introduced us to such a great time!  The JMU movie theater was showing Monsters Inc and we joined her and her children to see the movie on the big screen.  Best thing . . . it cost each of us $1.00 and Rabia's friend let us have her free pass.  I only paid $3 to get the four of us into the movie.  We could have stayed to see Toy Story after Monsters Inc. for the same price, but it started too late.  We were able to bring our own snacks, but bought a popcorn for 50 cents as well.  What a cheap date!!  $3.50 for a movie and snacks!!  AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Circus time with the Settles!

L to R-Emily, Mason, Lydia, Lucas, Ryan
The Circus with the Settles is always a fun time!!  We have been the past few years, but missed last year.  The kids love getting together and they have so much fun!!  Becky, Mason and Lucas's mom and my friend, tends to enjoy the circus a little more than the children I believe :).  It gives us a good excuse to get together.  Sadly, this time we had to cut our trip short because of a projected snow fall that was due to come.  It came, but not as early as we thought and we would have been fine waiting until the next morning to drive home.  Of course.
Checking things out . . . LtoR-Mason, Emily, Lydia, Lucas, Ryan

8 motorcycles in the steel ball!  Ryan's favorite part!!

Love when they do this!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Brett ties the knott

Brett and Lydia

Emily, My Aunt Kathy and Lydia

Photographer taking a picture of the Flower Girls!
 Flower girls and ring bearers are such a cute part of a wedding!  I can remember the ones that took part in my wedding.  They were so precious!  They are now big kids and one is even having a kid of her own soon.  :)  How old am I?!  This past Saturday Lydia and Emily were flower girls in my cousin, Brett's wedding.  They did such a wonderful job walking down the aisle dropping their purple flower pedals and walking slowly, together, to get to the end of the aisle at just the right time.  Their pretty white dresses and white shoes topped off with a white hair band that had a little bow on it.  Just precious if I do say so myself!
Charity and Lydia

 Brett is my youngest cousin.  He is the youngest child of my dad's youngest sister, Kathy.  My Aunt Kathy is very special to me and her family is one I am proud to call my own!  Her husband, Tim, has to be one of the nicest most amazing people on the planet.  I feel like anyone who marries into our crazy family has to love us to put up with us.  He has for many years now.  I also think he is a dead ringer for the lead singer of the country group, Diamond Rio.  A second marriage for both my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tim, but they finally found their soul-mateJ.
Lydia and Emily waiting for the wedding to start and looking at themselves.
Walking down the aisle

Walking down the aisle
 Again, my dad's youngest sister, Kathy has two children.  Her oldest, Kristi and I are just days apart in age.  Kristi has two children, Brittany and Darius.  Our groom, Brett, has two children of his own.  Kaly and Riley.  They were both members of the wedding party as well. 

 At the reception, we all had a great time dancing and visiting with family!!

The wedding was just beautiful and Charity (Brett's bride) was breathtaking in her sleeveless gown.  All the bridesmaids wore purple and the groomsmen had matching vests and ties.  We were so excited that Lydia and Emily were asked to be part of this wonderful event and were so proud of how well they did!!

The Happy Couple

 Brett and Charity, we had such a wonderful time both at the rehearsal and at the wedding!!  We wish you both best wishes and the fairy tale life you both deserve!!

Brett's parents and children

The Wedding Party

Flower Girls and Ring Bearer 

The Cousins Dance

Lydia dancing with the groom

Lydia dancing with Mike