Monday, November 24, 2014

Halloween 2014

I love Halloween!  I mean, how can you not love it?!   When can you dress up however you want to and be someone completely different than you are!!??  And, the reason for the season . . . CANDY!  :)

Ryan tossed around going trick or treating this year.  He decided, kind of at the last minute, to go.  His friend, Kendall, came with us.  We had tons of fun!  I think they were worn out from all the walking when it was over.  Not sure why--I was fine and I am the old person!!

This year we were a trip to the movies.  Lydia decided very early on that she wanted to be a box of popcorn.  She designed her costume and Mike helped her put it together.  We kind of talked Emily into being a fountain drink.  What other drink than an orange Crush (just like her Crush softball team) would make sense for her to be.  Mike designed and put together Emily's costume too.  She did the letters and put on the front.  The compliments were like no other year!!  Soooo many people commented and remarked on how cute the costumes were!!  People would ask us how we designed them.  The girls would even get extra candy sometimes because they were so cute.  We told everyone that Ryan and Kendall were the actors in the horror movie we were seeing on our trip to the movies.  They did not seem to understand why they did not get the comments the girls did.  They thought their costumes were stellar.  I had to explain that scary is too ordinary at Halloween.  Original is the way to go.  :)  Definitely a winning costume year!!

So on Track

The weather has been so weird this year!  I am sitting here at work in capri pants and a short sleeve shirt, but just two days ago I was bundled up in a heavy coat and long pants.  A few weeks ago (November 1), Mike took our family to a JMU football game.  These are not something that we do too often.  We tend to go to the basketball games, but not the football for some reason.  We mainly wanted Ryan to see the marching band since he is in band at school.  We thought it would be neat to see a band that has it together and is MUCH larger that the Elkton Middle School band.  :)  He was impressed.  He kept commenting on the fact that they were "really on track."  I did not know what this meant for a bit, but then realized he meant, in my language, in sinc with each other.  I said "are you guys usually on track?"  "Sometimes" was his comment.  I think he enjoyed it.  Sadly, it was so cold and had rained the night before so the bleachers were very cold and damp since we did not have enough towels to dry off really well.  We made it thorough halftime and left.  We saw what we came to see though.

Before we went into the game, we ran into one of my former students--Josh Calderon.  He is a tuba player in the marching band.  It was great!  The kids took their picture with him for me.  Not sure they wanted to, but they did without a gripe.  Besides it being such a cold day--we had a lot of fun.  And . . . JMU ended up winning!  After we left they started winning.  :)