Saturday, April 4, 2015

Back in the campin' saddle again

WOW!  It has been since before Christmas since I blogged.  Crazy!  We have been doing lots of things, but apparently I could not get it together to blog about any of it.  :)  Winter was filled with LOTS of snow and coooollllldddd weather!  I am so happy to see the warm weather I just don't know what to do with myself.  Spring sports are starting and camping is back in session!!

Due to Mike's aneurysm, last year we did not have a great opportunity for camping.  We are hoping to make up for it this year.  Our Spring Break was this week.  It is coming to an end and we go back to school in two days, but it was fun while it lasted.

Each year we typically go to Florida over Spring Break.  Each year we pick a park or place to visit while we are there.  In addition to a particular park, we will visit my parents who live in Clearwater Florida during the winter and early spring months of the year.  As a result of softball and track for Emily and Ryan, we decided we just had too much on our plate this year and decided to stay in Virginia and camp a few days instead.  We reserved two nights at Jellystone Park in Luray Virginia.  This is one of our favorite campgrounds so we are trying to make it an annual tradition.

We left early Monday, camped Monday night, Tuesday night and packed up Wednesday morning and headed home.
This is overlooking the campground.  With the mountains in the background.  It was very pretty and sadly, this picture did not do it justice.

Ryan found this chain and then hooked it to himself as if it were chained to a wallet.  It was too funny.  Had to take a picture.

For the first time EVER, we decided to rent a golf cart.  We NEVER do this, but we seemed to be the only people staying there who did not have a golf cart.  We figured they must not be that expensive and decided to check it out.  We rented one, for just one night, and rode the thing until the battery was not longer charged.  We charged it overnight and rode it several times until we had to turn it in before we left.  Mike took a selfie while he and the kids were on it.

You were not allowed to drive the golf cart unless you were 18 years old and had a valid drivers license.  The kids were not able to drive it, but decided to pose as if they were able to take it on their own.  It was crazy.  They wanted us to drop them off everywhere and then come pick them up.  Even places that we were so close to that we could yell at a person who was there (from our campsite) and we drove them there with the golf cart.  Normally we would not have agreed to it, but figured since we were paying for it.  Was kind of like an amusement park ride.  :)

Lydia and Mike shot some hoops.

We rode the paddle boats.  Lydia had to ride in the back.

Mike and Emily drove Lydia around.

Mike realized, after we got to the campground, that we had forgotten fire starters.  We keep them in the camper and only had one left when we thought there were more.  Instead of purchasing more fire starters, we noticed that we had pinecones all over the campground and there was no fear of them running out.  The kids filled a trashbag full of pinecones and Mike decided to give it a whirl to start his fire with the pinecones.  It worked!!  Not sure if you can see the pinecones in this picture (maybe when you click on the picture to make it bigger), but they are there.  We were quite proud of this fire so we took a picture.  :)

It does not matter how many times I download pictures on this thing.  I am NEVER able to get the pictures to load on here in the order I want them to.  This is Ryan and me on the boats.

Lydia was the only one I could convince to get in the Yogi basket for our traditional picture.  Ryan and Emily are sitting and leaning on the golf cart in the background.  

This is the other Yogi in the campground.  We were on our way to play mini golf.  We played the mini golf course there about 4 times while we were there.  We should be pros by now.

The two movies, if you can see them, are from the famous Jumping Pillows that are at the Jellystone Campground.  The kids LOVE them!!  I have a movie from way back.  We were at this campground when the kids were much younger.  They still loved jumping, but Lydia was not a fan of jumping when others were jumping at the same time.  Click on "camping" on the right side of the top of the blog, and it will take you to camping at Jellystone back in 2009.  My brother and niece make an appearance in these too.  Love to make memories!!