Sunday, May 31, 2015

Track this boy!

In Middle School you are limited in the sports you can participate in until you are in the 8th grade.  As a 6th grader, Ryan was able to participate in wrestling or track.  He decided he did not want to wrestle and really was not really interested in track, but several of his buddies were going to run track.  He realized that while there was A LOT of running involved, there were also other events that he could participate.  The events he chose were the 100 meter and the long jump.  I tried to talk him into the shot put, but again--his buddies were doing the long jump and the 100 meter.

I took lots of pictures during his track meets, but this is my favorite picture.  He said that his coach told him that when he starts to run, he should put his head down.  It took him a while to get that and he would often start with his head up.  This would cost him valuable time.  In this picture, he is the kid with the bright blue shoes on.  The closest to the camera.  As you can see, his head is down.  Love that he got it!  While he did not LOVE running track, he is already talking about doing it next year and has said that he will be attempting the shot put.  With his short, stocky build, I think he will be great!!  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Spring Concert

Ryan participated in band in school this year.  He played percussion and really enjoyed playing the drums.  His teacher, Mr. Todd, held a concert in the fall and another one just before school let out in the spring.  The improvement in their performance was crazy.  While I don't have pictures from the first concert, I did get some from the spring one.  My camera lens was not that great in the fall.

We are so very proud of what he has accomplished as a first year middle schooler in the 6th grade.  to finish out his year, he was one of four rising 7th graders who was asked to be a member of the East Rock (High School where the kids will go) marching band.  Stay tuned for pictures of Ryan on the football field this fall!!  :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Getting my ears "perst" for Easter!

On her list for what she wanted for Easter, Lydia put "get my ears perst" at the top of her list.  Emily was a bit undecided since she was concerned that it would hurt too much and thought she would tag along to see how Lydia reacted to the "pain."

My original plan was to let them get their ears pierced when they turned 12.  12 is a good age, they can easily take care of their ears and keep them from getting infected.  Let's face it, I have a tough time getting them to brush their teeth each day so cleaning their ears can't be real high on their list of priorities.  For the past few weeks they have really stepped up and have shown me that they are responsible.  After talking to them and talking to Mike, we decided that since they are now "in the know" with the bunny and santa rumors, that we could take them to get their ears pierced for Easter.

My favorite part of the day was the look on Lydia's face (after having to go to the bathroom due to nervousness) when she realized the pain was nothing after having worried about it for a while.  As bad as she wanted it, she was quite nervous.  After getting the first earring pushed into her ear--realizing the pain was nothing like she had imagined--a look of relief washed over her face.  It was too funny.

Emily spent the next hour walking through the mall deciding if she wanted to have them done too.  We had some other stores we wanted to visit so she debated and debated.  We told her that it was completely up to her if she wanted to do this or not.  It was not something we cared if she did or not, but that if she was going to do it, she needed to do it now or she was going to have to wait until her birthday.  Easier for both of them to go through the ear cleaning together than to have one get a couple weeks under her belt and then the next one start.  Even after seeing Lydia live through the experience, she was still very scared.  I am happy to announce that she lived to tell about it too.

They each purchased some earrings with their own money and a coupon they received with their piercing.  Worst thing about it . . . it makes them both look about 4 years older.  :)