Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Catcher in the first try

For the Little League portion of our softball lives, Emily played catcher for the first time.  (She is the catcher in this picture and as you can see from the dust coming off her glove--just caught the ball the pitcher pitched).  She rocked it!  There was one game where her coach put her in as catcher last year during a Crush game.  In 8U softball, the catcher is not all that important.  You are not able to steal in 8U.  In 10U the catcher is much more important.  They must be able to stop the ball when the pitcher throws a wild pitch as a runner on third can steal.  She typically plays 3rd base, but her Little League coach put her at catcher a good bit this season.  We were a little bit worried since she had never done it, but she seemed to take to it like she had been catching all along.  We are not sure if this will continue with her travel ball team, Crush or not, but think she did great for the spring season!!

Stay tuned for a Crush post.  Have not done one since she branched into 10U from 8U.  Anxious to see how their season goes.