Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Punk'n Pitch'n

I have always been one to love pumpkins and Halloween!!  While it means summer has come to an end and the dreaded cold weather is on the way, it is still such a fun time!!  Each year I get the kids pumpkins, but I typically will get one for each kid and that is it.  Pumpkins are really expensive considering that they just sit on your porch or are made into jack-o-lanterns.

This past Saturday, all three kids had somewhere to be.  Emily had a softball tournament, Ryan had band practice to gear up for his band competition this coming weekend, and Lydia had a birthday party to attend at the water park.  Mike decided, since he had not been able to come to a tournament of Emily's in a while, that he would take her and stay with her.  This was, like always, a 12 hour thing.  In between band practice and birthday party, Ryan, Lydia and I went to get pumpkins.  My brother had been to the Middle River Farms where they let him fill up a wagon (all you could put on it) for $25. 
They have now increased the price to $30, but we crammed our wagon full.  You can see a picture of Ryan and Lydia pulling it.  We hated that Emily and Mike could not come with us, but the next few weekends are booked and we wanted to try this out before they were too picked over.

Once we got the pumpkins home, and Emily got home, the kids all put the pumpkins together and divided them up.  They then decided on where to put them and made their own arrangement of them.  This past Sunday I took a picture of the girls (Ryan and Mike were on their way to see the Redskins) dressed for church--with the pumpkins.  Ryan and Lydia picked some big ones so we could only get a certain amount.  We did get a few small ones, but the kids put them in their rooms.  Love pumpkin season!

Skins Win! Skins Win!

Mike and Ryan got to go see the Redskins this past Sunday!  It was so great!!  Thanks to our great friends, Tiara and Billy, they were able to go at a good price too.  Ryan had never been to a professional football game and was CRAZY excited about being able to see them.  They parked near our niece's apartment, walked to the metro, and then to the stadium.  Not too far for either walk.  Free parking and getting to visit with Savannah (our niece) made the day awesome!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Valley Band Showcase

 Last week, there were four area high schools that participated in an area high school band showcase.  It was at one of the high schools.  East Rock's band was there as well as the local tv news.  They did a story on it.  Check it out at this link.  Hopefully this link will keep this clip forever.  :)  Ryan is shown in the story two times!!

East Rock is the smallest band in the county.  I believe due to there being three different band directors in five years--there has just been a lack of consistency.   The band director that is there now is really great so far and is working with the band director at the middle school.  They are doing everything they can to grow the program.  There are typically three people in the pit, but one of them were sick.  It was just Ryan and Blake.  They all did a fantastic job!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

A day celebrating birth

Even all these years later, it is still hard to understand why all three of our children have their birthdays so close together.  Makes it very difficult to get parties in, afford to do 3 birthday dinners and get gifts for all three of them at the same time!  We wanted to do Ryan's party the weekend of Labor Day, but one of the only two friends he cared to invite, was going to be out of town.  So we had Lydia and Emily's party on Saturday, September 11 and Ryan's on Sunday, September 12.  Party all weekend long!  :)  The girls tried once again to have their pool party.  This is the third time they have tried to have a sunny pool party and the third time it has been cool and overcast.  Frustrating.  They still had a great time!  Swam and swam and had a small gymnastics showcase at the end.  Pizza and Ice Cream cake and all was happy.  Plus, my cousin, Michelle, came up and brought her girls.  It was nice!
Ryan's party was the next day.  We took him and two of his good friends (Kemper and Kendall) to Jump C'ville.  It is a great place that has trampolines all over the place.  Plus there is a foam pit that you can jump into from trampolines.  Other trampolines allow you to dunk a basketball or do flips in the air.  Of course Lydia and Emily went with us.  Everyone had such a great time.  We went to Cici's for lunch after.  Great day and everyone was tired when we got home.

Though it was not hot and very overcast, the girls all had such a nice time!  Played games and swam the whole time we were there.  The pool is such a great place for a party!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Marching becomes him

 Coming down beside the football field to enter the stadium.  He is the first base drum.
 Marching around the track and playing.
 Standing and playing while preparing for the star spangled banner
 This should actually be above the one above it.  :)

Halftime show.  Have not started playing yet, but ready to go.  This was his second home game.  It was on September 11.  However, the first time I managed to take a camera.  He was so great!!  He marches in with a base drum and plays the base drum while in the stands.  It is crazy how they all play together and just know when to stop and when to start.  He is then in the pit for the halftime show and then drumming out as they leave the stadium.  I think that was the least amount of a football game I have ever watched as I was watching the band in the stands.  The youngest member of the high school marching band.  :)  Not even in high school!!

May we help you?

The Elementary School where all three kids have gone, does a back to school picnic every year.  This year, we had a monsoon during the picnic so it had to be moved indoors.  The 5th graders sell food to raise money for their trip to Baltimore.  This is the best picture I could get--of both girls--selling their donuts, pizza, chips and soda.  Emily is in charge of plates for pizza (but clearly is shirking her duties in this picture.) and Lydia was counting out the boxes of donuts that were pre-ordered and people were picking up.  Behind the table was COMPLETE chaos and I applaud the 5th grade team of teachers for having the patience to let the kids "help out" with the selling.  :)

Crush'n Em

As you have all read, in several posts, Emily plays softball.  She has been with the same team and the same coach for almost 4 years.  Recently, we have thought she was just going through the motions and not really wanting to play anymore.  Turns out, we were wrong.  She was just in a slump for a while.  She had a tournament a few weeks ago and was AWESOME!  Her hitting was solid (however I kept forgetting to take a picture of her when she was up to bat) and her fielding was great as well.  Tournament was great and all the coaches congratulated her on doing so well.  Always so proud of what she can do with a softball!!
 Before each game, Emily's coach has their team cross arms and hold hands while they say the Lord's Prayer.  This sets such a wonderful example for these girls and makes them aware of the relationship they can and should have with God.  All of the assistant coaches and the coach joins in as well.  It is very moving.

Emily often plays 3rd.  Her coach has started working on moving the girls around so that they can try other positions.  Be familiar with the entire game rather than just the one position.  It has been really great as she has tried catcher, 1st, short stop and all of the outfield positions.  It is good for her to see other parts of the game besides just 3rd.