Monday, October 12, 2015

Last CRUSH Tourney--for a while anyway

 Emily's last tournament of the season was October 10, 2015.  We played at William Monroe High School, which to date--is the nicest field they have ever played!  We were all quite impressed, but it was not very warm that day.  In addition, their rules were a bit different and there was no time limit on the games and we ended up being there for over 14 hours!!  It was a mess, but the girls came away with the whole thing.  They won the whole tournament which was really great for them to end the season!!  This is the team with their trophies. 

 Waiting with teammates in between games.

The last prayer of the season.  I have to hand it to Jon.  He always has the girls pray before a game or tournament.  It is quite beautiful to see the girls praying each time.  Saying their prayer in unison with their arms crossed and holding hands with their neighbor.  

Emily is thinking about mixing things up next year and trying some new things.  While she won't give up on softball completely--she likes it too much--once Little League is over this year, she is going to try swim team and continue on in gymnastics and get a little more involved in it. While she is not writing Crush off all together and may end up going back at some point, she is hanging up her blue and orange for a bit.  I am happy and sad all at the same time.  I am hoping this will prevent any burn out--which has not set in at this point, but wondering if it will at some point if she doesn't take a break.  If she tries a few new things, by the time she reaches 8th grade and can try out for JV teams, she may want to take a "swing" at softball again.  Who knows.  Either way, we will support whatever she decides she wants to do.

Emily, you are one of the best kids I know!  You set your mind to something and you do it every time!  To the best of your ability and always do well regardless what you do.  I know your future is bright and you will go far and do lots of things!!  Daddy and I still think you will be an attorney one day.  :)  Whatever you do we will always be proud of you!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

The 5th graders go to Balitmore!

 Each year, the 5th grade classes go to Baltimore and visit the Science Museum and the National Aquarium.  When Ryan was in the 5th grade, Mike was a chaperone so I felt it made sense for me to go with the girls.  There were so many parents who volunteered to go that each parent took their student as well as one other student in their group.  Having two students, I took two additional kids with me.  So, I paired up with my fellow parent friend Misty and her group of her son and one additional student.  It was great!  We had so much fun!

This is my group of girls with me.  Lydia and Emily in addition to Emely and Jesela. 
 We ate lunch at Uno.  It is a pizza place at the Inner Harbor.  The kids wanted to sit on the balcony so they could see everything.  They enjoyed seeing their fellow classmates walk by (we were able to do what we wanted at certain times during the day) and yelling at them from the balcony.
 Of course the scary picture inside the sharks mouth.  On the other side it says where we are (National Aquarium), but we were up against a window with the bright sun so I made them go on the other side so we could see them.
Totally a yearbook photo!  The kids (Misty's group of Colton and Tristin as well) are posing under a sculpture outside of the science museum and the triangle topped building you see across the harbor--is the National Aquarium.  We walked around the Harbor to get to the Aquarium--eating along the way.