Friday, March 4, 2016

Winning some culture

I am always talking about Lydia one day being on stage somewhere.  I still believe this, but this particular drama post is about Emily.  The High School that Ryan, Lydia and Emily will be attending has a musical every year.  All the area high schools do as well.  This year they opened up a coloring contest to the feeder Elementary Schools.  The winners received two tickets to the musical.  This years musical was Mary Poppins.  Emily was the 5th grade winner for her elementary school!!  Knowing I wanted to take Lydia anyway, we purchased three more tickets and went as a family.  I was hoping Ryan would be able to get something out of seeing the orchestra there as well.  Something to look forward to doing.

Congratulations to Emily and her winning kite!!  Hers is the one next to the E.