Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Parker Reunion

Parker Reunion 2016.  We had cornhole and everything set up for a great tourney after eating and it rained.  :(  Still visited inside some, but reunion ended quickly.  Maybe next time will be better.  Not much to write on this one, but wanted to include the picture.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Break a Leg Lydia!!

Lydia has always done the Turner Ashby Drama Camp that is held each summer.  This year we signed her up for the Blue Ridge Community College production of Looking Glass Land.  She was in a cast of kids that ranged from 9 years old to 17 years old.  Some of these kids had been doing the BRCC productions for years and some were just starting like Lydia.  She made some great friends and learned so much about acting and stage presence!  She is ready to do the fall musical that starts in September.  The cast practiced each Saturday from January until May.  The week of the production she had rehearsal every night.  It was great seeing her come home every night made up like the red pawn.  :)  Even coming to Emily's softball game, made all up, one night was particularly funny.  She was so wonderful and Mike and I were so proud of her!!!  They did their production three different nights and one afternoon.  We were blown away by the talent that radiated from that stage each time!!

Ms. Cline, Lydia's teacher came to see her on opening night.  She was so surprised and happy to see her!!  Such a special lady!!  Lydia had a classmate, Owen, who was also in this production.  Ms. Cline gave them each such a sweet card and gift card on their opening night.  We will miss her next year in Middle School!!
These two girls were Lydia's dear friends!!  Lydia is next to Olivia and the one in the jean shorts (who had already changed out of her costume before I could catch her for a picture) was Moriah.  Moriah was the first friend Lydia made and Olivia was one that came later.  They were three peas in a pod.  It was great!!  Moriah is home schooled and going into the 7th grade and Oliva goes to another middle school in our district and is also entering 7th grade.  I don't believe there was anyone else that was Lydia's age (entering 6th grade), but they were great to her.  They had also both done BRCC productions in the past.
Grammy and Paw Paw came to see Lydia for the Friday production.  It was great that they were able to come see her!  Grammy came back on Sunday with Lydia's cousin Penny (Adella was not able to come), but Penny didn't want to take a picture with Lydia that day.  Guessing the make up threw her.  :(
This is another Olivia.  She played Alice.  Lydia really liked her and wanted to have her picture with Alice.  I love it!!  She had A LOT of lines to memorize.  It was crazy!!
This picture was taken during a warm up exercise one of the practice nights.  This is Moriah, Lydia and Oliva waiting for their turn in the warm up.
This is the play director.  Justine.  She was AMAZING!!!  She is very laid back and was so great for Lydia and her first year doing this BRCC production.  She is not the director of the musical, but I am sure we will be seeing her next year for the winter/spring production!!!
On Sunday, two of Lydia's good friends and classmates came to see her in Looking Glass Land.  Owen is the guy in the crown next to her.  He was the "Red King" and actually played Lydia's dad in the play.  She thought that was pretty funny. Owen was great as well!!  They are both future talents for sure!!!  Next to Emily is Abby.  She has gone to school with Lydia and Emily for three years now.  Her dad is in the military and this is the longest she has ever stayed in one place.  The day after the last day of school, Abby and her family moved to Hawaii.  Next to Abby and Lydia is Jesela.  She is also a good friend of Lydia's.  She has appeared in blog posts before.

Such a great experience!!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Forest Fire

For roughly 2 weeks, starting mid April and going through the end of April or first part of May, our area had a major forest fire!  We were able to see the flames from our house.  The smoke became quite an obstacle in our area as sporting events had to be rescheduled due to the poor air quality conditions and the ashes that were floating around for those couple of weeks.  It was really sad and scary.  I am all about smelling a campfire when camping, but when you are constantly living in it and it seeps in your home and in your place of work, it gets really tiresome.  

The firefighters were amazing!!  They were doing everything they could to get it contained and keep it from taking over the homes at the bottom of the mountain.  They were successful!  No ones home was in danger, but there were so many in the path.  While we could see the flames from our house, our house was not in immediate danger thank heavens.  At the time, we had not had rain in so many weeks.  God answered our prayers and brought the rain that ended up extinguishing the fire.  It was wonderful!!!

These pictures are ones I wish I could take credit for, but can't.  The top one was taken by a friend of mine who works in the school this "smoke face" appeared over.  The flag is in front of her school.  For several days we just saw smoke.  Then the flames started being visible.  More so at night, but even during the day from certain areas. The second picture was taken as a view from our house, but is taken from the school that is next to our neighborhood.  We saw the same view, but the guy who took this was not on our deck when he took it.  :)  The pictures I took were this same angle, but not this nice.  It really was pretty, but crazy how it was living in it.

My cousin, Michael, was making a delivery at Coors during the forest fire.  He called me and told me that Mike needed to turn the heat down on the grill--he was burning the steaks.  :)  Too funny.  We have seen the damage and growth of the area on Skyline Drive.  It is amazing how much growth has come back!!  It happens quickly!!