Friday, June 10, 2016

Good-bye McGaheysville Elementary School!!

Our era at McGaheysville Elementary School has come to an end.  I can't believe it!!!  Ryan started Kindergarten at MES in August of 2008 and Lydia and Emily have now completed 5th grade in June of 2016.  My mom once said to me that while my brother and I were going through various stages of childhood, it often seemed as if it took a long time to get through various events, but when she looked back on the time that had passed all at once--time had gone so quickly.  This is so true!!  I felt like we would never get completely out of elementary school (even though I love MES!!), but as I look back on the past 8 years, it really has flown by!!!
Ryan's first day of Kindergarten

                                                                Lydia and Emily's first day                                                                                             of Pre-K

Lydia and Emily had their 5th grade farewell on June 10.  They both received several awards as well as being presented with their completion certificate.  The 4th grade parents host the farewell (I helped with the hosting when Ryan was in 4th and when Lydia and Emily were) which was so nice.  The little photo booth was a big hit!!!  

Emily and Lydia with their first MES teacher, Ms. Therese Warner and their last MES teacher, Ms. Marianne Cline.  In Pre-K there was just one class so they had to be together.  For 5th grade we decided to put them together because we don't feel they will be together much in middle school.  Their strengths are so different which will cause them to have different classes.  They even picked different electives.  Ms. Cline is retiring after this year.  She has some new grandbabies on the way. Twins even!!  Two amazing women!!  We will miss you MES!!  We've come a long way baby.  
Lydia photobombing behind Ryan Layman and Owen Garshwiler (2 of her classmates)
Owen Garshwiler with Emily and Lydia.  Owen came to MES in the 1st grade.  He was in Emily's homeroom class that year.  We happened to run into him and his family at the soccer field one day.  Owen and Emily saw one another and hugged each other.  This caused me to meet Owen's mom, Molly, and this started a great friendship.  It is so true that your friends are who your kids friends are.  :)  It has been great having the girls in school with Owen all these years.  Owen has a younger sister, Cate who still has two more years at MES.
Lydia and Emily were accepted in the Pre-K program at MES.  This was difficult to make happen--especially with two kids needing to get in there.  While at the farewell, we got the kids who are still at MES who were in that class, together for a picture.  L to R--Lydia Washington, Emily Washington, Therese Warner (teacher), Emma Cude, Lilly Raynes, Austin Nichols, Ulnemic Chen.  Damien Burner and Kobe Marsten were also in that class and still at MES, but Kobe was not at the farewell and Damien left before we had the idea to take this picture.  :(

Processional for the 5th grade farewell

 Emily receiving her certificate for maintaining honor roll throughout the year.
 Emily and Lydia receiving their certificate for perfect attendance.
Emily was a library helper this year.  Each year the librarian asks several 5th graders to help out in the mornings.  They assist in checking out books, collecting books from the classes who will be visiting the library that day and checking books back in.  The 5th graders put their name in if they are interested in helping out with different things.  Emily was selected from the names and LOVED helping in the library!!  She and the other 4 students were the ones who helped out--one each day of the week.  Her day was Wednesday.  This is the certificate she received for doing this.
 The PE department honored several students for being exceptional in Physical Education.  Lydia and Emily each received a certificate for the Rockingham County Schools Standards of Physical Education.  In order to receive this they needed to maintain a certain level of ability and strength in PE.  We didn't know they would be getting this.  It was a nice surprise.
 Each year the music teacher at MES has a 5th grade chorus.  The 5th graders who choose to be part of the chorus are welcome to join.  The year the majority of the 5th grade participated in the chorus.  It was really great!  Emily and Lydia were part of this chorus.  Emily is interested in participating in the chorus in middle school.  Lydia's drama interest may conflict.
 Emily receiving her certificate of completion of the 5th grade.  And Elementary School.  She is now eligible to move on to Middle School.
Lydia receiving her certificate of completion of the 5th grade.  And Elementary School.  She is now eligible to move on to Middle School.
 Lydia and Katelyn Shifflett
 L to R--Katelyn, Marley, Thalya, Emely, Emily, Emma, Lydia
 Lydia and her good friend Jesela Cooper
 Emily and Lydia with Abby Showalter.  Abby started school at MES in 3rd grade.  Her father is in the military.  The day after school ended, Abby and her family moved to Hawaii.  Her father is going to be stationed there for the next few years.  Unfortunately she will not be moving to Middle School with the girls.
 Emily with Katelyn and her good friend Hayleigh.
 Our family in front of the MES sign.  The end of an era.
Crazy girls!!!  Marley, Katelyn, Hayleigh, Emily and Lydia
Bulletin board made for the 5th graders

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dance'n the Night Away

Ryan is getting ready to finish up his 7th grade year in middle school.  Middle school is where the dances start.  The elementary school where the kids went/go doesn't host dances.  It is strange for me to send my son to dances.  He went a few times during 6th grade, even met his girlfriend there.  This year he has not been to any of them, but wanted to go to the last one.  The last dance is the "formal" dance.  I have such mixed feelings about it as for the 8th graders, it is much like prom.  There are kids arriving in limos, paying LOTS of money for dresses and then there is an after party.  It makes me sad to think that the kids won't want or need to go to prom in high school as they will have already experienced it.  I hope not.

Ryan doesn't have a girlfriend right now so he went to the dance with two friends.  They dressed up and had a good time.  Growing up so fast!!

Kendall and Ryan

Ryan, Kendall and Andrew