Tuesday, February 7, 2017

All in the Family???

The band director at Elkton Middle School is so amazing!  He has worked so hard to build the music program at EMS and now works with the ERHS director and they collectively attempt to grow the program in both schools.  It is working!  The middle school director went to the different elementary feeder schools last year to work with the 5th graders.  This was in hopes that they would decide to join band.  The kids who were a little uncertain if they wanted to be in band, but knew they didn't want to have it as their elective, he offers a primetime class (all students have a primetime during the lunch shifts) where the students could do a little playing of an instrument and get a taste of it.

Emily and Lydia decided to take Mr. Todd's primetime this year, but for some reason Lydia didn't end up with it.  I never understood that, but Lydia ended up being ok with it so I didn't rock the boat and try to move her. As a result of the Primetime class, Emily participated in the winter concert this year.  It was Mid-December 2016.  She just played one song and she only played two notes on her trombone, but she was in it.  Mr. Todd used some 8th graders to help with this particular band as there was not a tremendous amount of experience.  So, Ryan and Emily ended up being on the stage at the same time.  I was not fortunate enough to be able to get them in a picture together (on stage), but a picture of each one of them.  I wondered, as I sat there watching them, if Emily realizes how good Ryan actually is.  I don't know that Ryan realizes his potential either.

 I think this is Ryan during the 7th and 8th grade portion of the concert and not the 6th grade one with Emily.  Below is a picture of Ryan and Tim. Tim is our neighbor and we carpool with his family from band practices.  He is also part of the ERHS Marching Band and his sister was part of the Color Guard.

Emily is still undecided on band.  She likes it, but it is not a strength.  She didn't catch on quickly like her brother.  Part of it is simply she doesn't get the playing time he did his first year, but part of it is there are other electives she wants to do a little more.  Who knows, maybe she will spread her musical wings again sometime.

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