Tuesday, February 7, 2017

He FINALLY made the big 4-0!

On December 22, 2016, Mike turned 40.  Mike never had birthday parties as a kid and as a result I tried throwing him one when he turned 22 or 23.  It was a disaster with the family members who were not invited (as it was a friend and brother party) and I promised myself I would never throw him one again.  Sad . . . I know.  When you turn 40 someone needs to do something to commemorate it!!  Since I was not going to do anything with family and end up offending someone, I decided to do something with his work shift.  I contacted Carmen who is one of his shift guys.  Carmen is awesome!  He talked to all of the shift and told them about it.  I told Mike that I was having a company dinner that night (which we were, but not at that location) and we got him!!  Totally surprised him!  The guys on his shift all came, some brought their wives and some brought their kids.  It was great!!  We were in a back room to ourselves and it was a great success!!  This also gave his shift a fun time together and they had been wanting to do that for a while.  He works with some great guys!!!  And they seem to respect and like Mike!!

Picture that Carmen took when Mike walked in.  This was the first point that he realized what was happening and that we were there for him and not for me.

When they brought him the birthday hat!

Front Row  L to R-Carroll, Brandon, Joe, Donald.  Back Row L to R-LaRon, Mike, Patrick "Tate", Carmen
  It was a fun time!!!  Hopefully a fun memory for Mike!!

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