Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ride 'em Cowboy!!

Ryan was able to try his hand at horseback riding while at Camp Brethren Woods this past summer.  He loved it and has been asking to take lessons ever since.  All three kids are now interested and I have debated on looking into lessons, but wanted them to get a feel for riding before sinking money into something they may not like.  Horseback riding lessons are not cheap!!  I work with a guy who's wife has horses.  As a result, his kids (from a previous relationship) have gotten into horseback riding and his daughter Hailey was willing to help the kids ride one afternoon.  Hailey goes to school Ryan, Lydia and Emily, but is in 7th grade and they are in the grades around her.  She was great!  Ryan even had his busted knee and she helped him get around without having his knee get jarred or anything.  They all decided they wanted to take lessons.  Now I have to see if I can find a three for one deal.  :)  Wish Hailey's dad (Chad--co-worker) would let her teach them.  He says she's not experienced enough.  :(

Lydia and Hailey riding . . . what was the name of the horse?  I can't remember!

Lydia felt more comfortable with Hailey guiding the horse around the field.  Hailey was happy to help.

Ryan was wearing his brace at this point.  He needed help getting on the horse and I asked Hailey to stay close to him since the horse couldn't feel the kicking commands on one side.  As he couldn't move his leg correctly. 

 Emily enjoyed the riding better than Lydia.  Lydia enjoyed it, but was a little timid.  Emily was very comfortable and didn't want to leave.  It was a fun morning!!  Just too short lived.

Hopefully I will eventually remember the name of this horse and can add it later.  I will have to ask Chad.

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