Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The day before Ryan had his brace removed, Emily's fake tooth came off in her apple.  Don't know if you remember a post way back.  The kids all received rollerblades for Christmas.  The day she received hers, she was skating in my parents garage and fell.  Her front tooth (which was one of her only two permanent teeth) broke her fall.  After three or four tries from several dentists and technicians, they were able to apply a fake tooth that would stay on.  She has favored it ever since.  She can't have a permanent fake tooth until all of her teeth have completely grown in. 

So, the apple took the fake tooth out on a Monday night.  This was devastating to her.  When this happened the first time she was in 1st or 2nd grade and it was during winter break.  This was a school night and she had to go to school the next day.  Not good for a middle school kid to go to school with a snaggle tooth!!  :)  Ryan's bone doctor and our dentist are very close to each other.  I called the dentist when we arrived at the bone doctor at 8 to see if I could bring Emily there to have her tooth repaired.  Sure enough, they were able to squeeze her in so I left Ryan, drove her down, left her there and came back up to Ryan.  Once he was finished, we went back to the dentist.  Mike was working and was not able to help.  Lydia had been put on the bus at 7 and was at school thank goodness.  When Ryan and I arrived, this is what we found when went into the room where they had taken her. 

I am happy to announce that they were successful in giving her another fake tooth.  Again, not a permanent one, but I think stronger than the other one was.  And it lasted for several years.  So, hopefully we will have no more chipped teeth.  For some reason, each of my children have a chipped tooth.  Ryan's and Lydia's are not as severe as this one of Emily's so we didn't attempt to fix them, but just strange how this has happened. 

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