Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ryan's "Coach Kendall"

Ryan's friend, Kendall has been snowboarding for a couple of years.  He has asked Ryan to snowboard with him a few times, but Ryan's mom has never wanted to sink money into lessons.  :)  Kendall's mom explained that he took just a couple of lessons and didn't like it.  That he is basically self taught.  So, we talked to Kendall about teaching Ryan.  He was definitely up for it. Unfortunately, we were only able to make one day work out for him to snowboard this past winter, but are hoping to get a season pass and snowboard a lot this coming winter.  He really enjoyed himself and wants to go back!!  His Uncle Paul was a big fan of skiing so I am guessing it is a family trait.  :)  Hopefully there will be more pictures to come as he continues with this potential passion.  Thank you Kendall!!  We will be hitting you up again next winter!

The pictures are not that great as I was far away and using a phone.  The day was beautiful though!  They closed the place down. 
These pictures are from so far away and on a phone--this one almost looks fake.  :)  It really is Ryan!!

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